Xero Website Integration

XERO promotes itself as the world's easiest accounting software.  It provides a comprehensive online accounting solution including invoicing, payroll, bank reconciliation and much more - it is constantly evolving.  As it is web/cloud based, it means that it is very easy to collaborate with people such as your accountant as well as being able to integrate external systems with XERO.

Zarr has worked on several solutions that integrate websites with XERO, including:

  • Automatically generate invoices and receipts in XERO from website orders or bookings
  • Manage inventory with your website and XERO having the same figures
  • Generate purchase orders for suppliers
  • Integrate with XERO payroll, including timesheets, leave, payslips etc 

There are numerous possibilites - all of which, our team of XERO developers can integrate the XERO software with your invoicing software, sales platform, business reporting/analysis software and much more.  Get in touch to discuss what we can do for you.