Bespoke Website Development & Software Solutions

We have a long track history of developing highly complex and bespoke cloud based software systems.

They are often so large and complex we could never do them justice with what we can say here, but we can put you in touch with our clients if you want to hear how valuable our systems are to them and what our capabilities are.

Why bespoke?

At Zarr we believe that your website should be created solely based on your requirements, not by what already exists. That’s exactly why we start with a blank canvas with every single project we undertake meaning it is truly, 100% bespoke. This means we can deliver creative solutions to transform your online business.

You get a design which is truly unique to you and your products and/or services and present this to give your website visitors the best experience

It's not just your design which is bespoke it is also it's CMS system and the other tools which we can develop for you. We use cutting edge technologies which help us make your life easier. Companies that buy ready made system often find themselves having to pay a developer to build a more user-friendly front end or having to employ time-consuming workarounds in order to make the system fit their day-to-day requirements. We don't believe your staff should spend hours a week doing something we can make a lot easier, leaving them to get on with other bit of their workload.

Here are just a few examples of bespoke systems we have completed or are currently working on:

Bespoke licencing system

Since 2008 we have developed an online licencing system for a UK governing body of bike sport. Just to cover a small portion of what the system does here are some examples:

  • Manages members online licence applications, payments and renewals
  • Batch prints licence cards and documents to be dispatched to members
  • Allows member clubs to setup events for online entry with sophisticated requirements
  • Generates insurance documents for permitted events

Bespoke book publishing system

Back in 2012 we developed an online book publishing system for which features bespoke functionality and program code to automate the book publishing process for authors to "print on demand" their book without having to go to a conventional publisher.  Some aspects of functionality include:

  • Creation of 300dpi+ high resolution files from Word/RTF format manuscript files.
  • Automatic creation of author royalty payments for book sales for both online and "distribution" - on Amazon, bricks-and-mortar bookshops.
  • Workflow tracking of books during publishing process with automatic follow-up emails to authors at checking/approval points during the process.
  • Integration with XERO accounting software to automatically raise sales invoices and minimise monthly book keeping/accounting work.
  • Collating of author and website book orders to feed to commercial printers in 4 countries around the world.