British Forces Resettlement Service
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Social Enterprise company, BFRS was created for the Armed Forces Community (AFC) as a focal point where the AFC and commercial world can engage.  They aim to help serving members of HM forces, Reservists, Veterans, MOD staff and also partners and families.

The BFRS website is heavily customised by Zarr to the requirements of BFRS - including:

  • A vacancies job board/database with data feeds from several external web services.
  • A customised events booking facility with back-office system for BFRS staff.
  • Weekly job seeker emails targetting the location and job sector preferences for each person - essentially a customised/targetted email for that person's preferences.
  • A CRM system to manage the corporate and individual membership requirements of BFRS.
  • Automatic tweeting of job vacancies to Twitter regardless of how a vacancy got to BFRS - either manual or datafeed.
  • A virtual job fair exhibition for job seekers to find their ideal job or a new job - this is called Omnivil.
  • An online services directory - to help Armed Forces personnel with specific areas from disabilities to finance to training.

Zarr regularly adds new features and functionality to the BFRS website as it continues to evolve as membership increases. 

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