Coten End Preschool

A bit about Coten End Preschool

Established over 50 years go, Coten End Pre-School's main aims are to help children succeed in all areas of their lives, create friendly childcare environment and to educate in a fun and exciting manner. They pride themselves on having a small staff turnover, with staff with years of experience and going above and beyond for their children.

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Services Provided

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • CMS
  • Web Hosting
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The Project:

Zarr recently took over the hosting of the site while also re-designing the site to give it a fresh feel. We tried to showcase the main focus of the school keeping their main aims in mind and making the site as informative as possible to teachers, parents and children.

The new site has a flexible content management system allowing the staff to edit all areas of the site and keeping it up to date with all the latetst information. They can also add events, link to parent apps and being optimised to help their SEO too. 

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