Create A Book Cover
Click and drag the thumbnails below to see other sites we have done was setup to enable publishers to easily create a cover for an ebook which would stand out on bookseller websites and further attract readers using just a few simple steps. contacted Zarr in 2017 about creating a platform that would allow publishers to create there book cover in as simple a way as possible. Zarr developed a user friendly system to handle and automate the publishing process from adding in the cover, or selecting from pre-automated templates, to amending font, text effects to getting down to purchasing the cover of the publishers choice.

Their current site is responsive and allows them to go in and update and maintain the content on the website directly ensuring it can be updated quickly with new information such as clients testimonials or any FAQ's.The site has been received well by customers and has now helped hundreads of authors create interesting and unique book covers. 

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