Content Management System

Having a content management system (CMS) as part of a website, surprisingly, still isn't always guaranteed.

There are thousands of CMS systems available, many these days you will even see advertised on TV from as little as  £1 a month - the old adage "you get what you paid for" goes though and for most businesses those CMS systems simply will not be enough.

Zarr's Intuitive and easy to use CMS

Zarr have a custom built CMS solution which is constantly growing and being adapted for new content. Its intuitive and easy to use approach allows you to manage all aspects of your website such as menu items, banners, and page content. In the majority of cases you can edit almost everything on your website at your own convenience without having to pay a website design company to do it for you.

We customise our solution to suit your website requirements - every business has unique requirements and we ensure they are catered specifically for your business so that you can have a fantastic looking web presence which you can maintain yourself, without it feeling cluttered with areas you don't need. This means that we can add new bespoke areas for you within the content management system so you will have control of everything you need to.

Not Wordpress

One of the biggest CMS solutions in the world is Wordpress, it's a good package but we believe it has its downfalls so we don't use it. Despite many people believing Wordpress is free and will be cheap and easy to use ongoing, it has frequent security updates which need to be installed, both for itself and for the thousands of widgets which many people chose from to customise it. Those updates often need to be installed by an experienced user otherwise a failed install can cause your website to be unavailable. Our CMS system is robust and if something happens to go wrong we know we can always fix it quickly.

Whilst the wealth of widgets available give people a big choice of fancy functionality to plugin, there is still no substitute for a custom built solution which exactly meets your needs instead something 'fancy' which will do - that is why we stick with what we do as we know it works for our customers.