Secure Offsite Backup

If you have ever had a server or desktop computer fail and you haven't had a backup, you will already know how important an offsite backup is.

Gone are the days where tapes or removable hard disks are needed to maintain your backup infrastructure, now innovative cloud technology means it can be setup in a matter of minutes.

We use Microsoft Azure technology to power your offsite backups. We only use GDPR compliant encrypted hosting with the majority of our backup vaults based in the UK. 

Costs are billed monthly and are calculated by the amount of data stored and the duration to keep the backups for - on a unique business by business case. For advice and cost guidelines please get in touch so we can help you.

Restore deleted files

Your workstations and servers are backed up daily by a secure encrypted backup, with a recommendation of 30 days of backups (but you can have as long as you want). Whenever you need a deleted file restoring it can be done in minutes - giving you peace of mind and safety for you data.

Restore failed machines

If your workstation fails, you can simply restore a full backup of your machine and recover all your files and data from your most recent backup. This can save hours of lost business time and also protect you from losing business critical data.

Full backup options

The Azure platform can backup both file systems and application servers are indicated below.

  • Windows Workstations
  • Windows Servers
  • SQL Server
  • Exchange Server