SepSolve Analytical Ltd

Bespoke Features

  • A completely bespoke Content Management System which allows SepSolve to update and manage a variety of content types that they provide including scientific posters, articles, case studies, white papers, webinars and many more.
  • A new and interactive laboratory tour of the SepSolve labs

A bit about SepSolve Analytical Ltd

Since Sepsolve was founded in 2016, they have been helping analytical chemists discover more about their samples by providing them with the latest in GC and GC×GC equipment, as well as in gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and data analysis platforms.

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Services Provided

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Responsive Design
  • CMS
  • CRM
  • Ecommerce
  • Ads and Marketing
  • Domain Services
  • Web Hosting
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The Project:

Zarr have been in charge of the design and development of Sepsolve's website for many years and have recently launched the latest version of their website.

We have incorporated a customised/bespoke content management solution so that Sepsolve can better organise their products, solutions and case studies to optimise the website to it's highest potential. The new responsive modern solution we have created allows people a first class experience whether on mobile, tablet or desktop - whilst also experiencing a fast loading and search engine optimised site.

Hover on the slider images below to see the full desktop and mobile version of the sites homepage

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SepSolve Analytical Ltd Mobile Preview
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Markes International and SepSolve Analytical Ltd (companies of Schauenburg Analytics Ltd) have been working with Zarr since 2005 on several website projects. Working with the team at Zarr is always stress-free; the team is extremely responsive, highly competent, and work with us in a consultative manner. It’s as close as you’ll get to having an in-house web team when working with an agency.

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