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Unisto is a multinational company who have built a reputation for originality and authenticity around the world.  They specialise in protecting goods, premises and sensitive equipment from theft or being tampered with and also help clients identify and enhance the image of their products and company.

Zarr have recently designed a new suite of websites for Unisto - to cover their corporate site and then one for each of their product ranges which cover everything from security seals to name badges. 

Unisto wanted to refresh the look of their website and also reduce the amount of time Unisto staff took to update the site with new products.  Zarr designed the new site, and incorporated a customised/bespoke content management solution developed to easily allow them to administer content, images and product information in one place and then choose which website the product should appear on.  So essentially 6 websites powered from one content managed system.

The new solution was also responsive - allowing people a first class experience whether on mobile, tablet or desktop - whilst also being fast to load and optimised for search engines.

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