Atlantic Equine
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Northamptonshire based Atlantic Equine have been leading suppliers of specialist farriery and equine hoofcare for over the past 30 years. They value themselves on providing the highest quality of service and products and are member of the BETA which they didn’t feel was reflected well on their old website. They have a partner site called AE Bovine which specialise in hoof acre products for cows feet, which are members of NACFT.

Zarr designed two new sites specifically to their requirements with the main aim being to help their online presence grow while providing detailed but optimised product information for both companies.

Zarr’s flexible content management system allows Atlantic Equine and AE Bovine to add new products, amend content, add new blog articles, and add special offers at the click of a button without any web-based training. A key requirement of the system was to be able to manage all online orders in one unified place but maintain the branding of each website during the dispatch process. The system allows full ecommerce management including dispatch notifications, picking lists and invoicing all from one administration area.

The new sites have been received well by clients and are shop windows to be proud of.

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