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No matter where you look at the moment, people are talking about Coronavirus and how quickly it is affecting people across Europe as well as the rest of the world.

Italy has just introduced a travel ban to try and contain the virus and people returning from Asia and Italy on travels are being recommend to quarantine themselves for 2 weeks to ensure they don't pass on a lurking virus to anyone else.

Google and Facebook are recommending that their staff work remotely from home - but for a lot of businesses, this isn't that easy.

How does Zarr fit into this?  Well for the last 20 years we have been developing internet based solutions for companies around the UK as well as overseas.  We were developing cloud-based systems for people even before the term "cloud" was first banded around.

So all the websites we develop run on the internet and can be used from anywhere with an internet connection - even potentially in space if you were on the International Space Station.

Many of the solutions we develop for clients are bespoke solutions with customised workflow or CRM systems tailored to their specific requirements.  This means for all our clients, they can login from home (whether quarantined or not), access client data, find information, download documents etc.  No specialist equipment is needed just a web browser, internet connection and the username/password to access the system.

So if you are running your business off spreadsheets or systems which bind you to a physical office, give Zarr a call and we can discuss the options to get you onto the "cloud" and move your business forward.

Don't worry, we may be techies - but we speak plain English with our clients!