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The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting the lives of millions of people and businesses alike. As the UK has gone into lockdown, offices are now closed, business operations have been halted and normal life seems a million light years away.

Due to the current restrictions, companies have had to implement remote working from home strategies. It means businesses are now trying to find ways to manage their work effectiveness & efficiency. Here at Zarr we have compiled a list of the top tools to help you manage your work routine from home. 

Best Remote Working Tools:

Slack makes communicating easy and fun. Online spaces like slack are a great way for teams who aren’t always in the same space at the same time to communicate effectively. Slack is easy to use, allows for multiple channels of conversation, topics and threads to help keep on top of tasks and projects. 

Zoom is a leading video communications platform that enables you to virtually interact with co-workers when in-person meetings aren't possible. Zoom is an essential tool for small-, medium-, and large-sized teams who want to keep in touch and continue their daily workflows with minimal disruption. You can have One-on-One meetings to group video conferencing and you can also screen share and record for various business needs.

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams is a ‘chat-based workspace within Office 365’ that allows workforce's to work together within one window to enhance teamwork. It is a centralized hub that is extremely user-friendly and can facilitate a work environment between remote users or within a large business that allows for meetings, conferences, screen sharing, document sharing the works. Microsoft Teams is included in Office 365 for free, so any Office user can enjoy all the benefits of this collaboration solution. In summary, it brings simplicity to teamwork by collaborating, sharing, communicating and doing it all under one platform.

Dropbox is a cloud-based productivity tool built for both individuals and teams to enable them to save and store documents, files or pictures across the cloud meaning your whole team can access this data at a touch of a button. With the help of the commenting feature, you can add comments to the shared files such as using email or chat to discuss your changes to the file. And this way you can easily keep the conversation about your files in one place.

A dog
No this isn’t a mistake… Whilst we don’t condone you acquire a pet purely for this reason (Pets are for life, not just coronavirus) working from home by yourself can feel lonely sometimes and having a furry friend around, will definitely brighten up the days.