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What is spam?

Spam is the sending of mass emails unsolicited messages in an attempt to force the message on people who would not otherwise choose to receive it. The majority of spam is commercial advertising, often for dubious products, get rich quick schemes etc. You don’t have to have a website, or even have sent an email in the past but spam email will still get to you!

Businesses are continually a target for spammers, especially considering the ease of access to your email address. All businesses know that you must have a way in which customers or clients can contact you; therefore you ensure all your contact details are clearly stated on your website for them to get in touch. This leaves you open to spammers having unconditional access to your email address.

You’ll find numerous reports on the internet about how much spam is actually sent – which varies anywhere up to 97% - and in Zarr’s experience from running email servers, we estimate it to be around 96% for all our customers.

Getting spam emails into your mailbox is annoying at the bare minimum. It can take time to sift through and delete these unwanted emails before you can get on and read the genuine emails from existing customers or even new sales leads.

But what if you removed a genuine email by mistaking it as spam due to not recognising the FROM address. Or what about all those wasted minutes each day deleting spam emails. Even 5 minutes a day (and I’m sure if would be much longer) soon mounts up over the course of a week or month – and I’m sure you have much better things to spend your time on.

What can Zarr do?

Zarr has a solution to 98%+ of all spam that you receive – and this is known as spam filtering. How it works is that we put all your email through a filter which checks whether an email is spam by checking against about 40 criteria such as where it was sent from, the content of the email, keywords it contains etc. The final score is used to block it, or let it through to your mailbox.

The filtering also scans all emails for viruses too, and as the majority of viruses are spread through email attachments, anything suspicious or containing a virus will be blocked or stripped out - so you can be confident reading any attachments that people send you.

Filtering is also extremely cost effective and costs as little as 7p per person per day. It also requires no change to your Outlook setup and we can do all the work behind the scenes.

To find out more contact us – or even if you want to trial it for a period of time and see how much less spam you get, then get in touch.