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We have been working with Ecommerce retailers for nearly 25 years and postage is still one of the primary pinch points for everyone, choosing a carrier and ensuring they orders can be dispatched efficiently without too much work is paramount.

This is currently most often achieved with API integrations with the carrier, something which your website developer will do for you.

Primarily for smaller parcels Royal Mail is the first post of call for retailers as it is often the most cost effective solution to be able to offer low delivery prices for their customers.

We have recently integrated our Ecommerce system with Royal Mail Click & Drop - their newest postage tool which can make a huge difference to order and delivery processing through automation. You also get access to lower prices, can easily keep track of your shipping, and print postage labels for free.

From your website ecommerce dashboard, in one-click you can send the details of your order along with your chosen postage method e.g. Special Delivery, Royal Mail 24 or Royal Mail 48 through to the Royal Mail systems, which will then return a tracking code and a postage label back to you.

No more having to re-type in order details and your postage label can be printed on to a variety of easy to get label templates. A dispatch email and tracking code can then automatically be send out to the end customer, keeping them fully informed of the order delivery process and cutting down on support admin with customers chasing order statuses.