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One of our clients, Fosse Data Systems, are the biggest organiser of entries, results and supplemental services to dog shows in the UK.  One of the biggest shows they do is Crufts which in itself is the largest dog show of its kind in the world - and held in the NEC in March each year with over 16,000 dogs in attendance in March 2022.

Fosse Data Systems have been schedule and catalogue printing plus internet services provider to the famous Crufts show since 1999.

For the first time in the UK, a system developed by Zarr, introduced a direct ring to internet results facility which was integrated with the recently upgraded Fosse Data website.

At the show, all 36 judging rings had access via an iPad to dedicated breed programs which enabled the stewards to upload class results direct to the Crufts website which was supported by Rugby-based Fosse Data. Hundreds of thousands of exhibitors and enthusiasts worldwide plus the show organisers were then able to see progress of judging across the rings in real-time.  

Commenting after the show Managing Director Kathy Moores said, ‘We were delighted with the success of our new system and sincerely thank all the stewards for their co-operation and patience in embracing this new technology.

‘In making this transition we also were able to email all the judges a complete list of their awards eliminating the need for them to collect printed copies at the end of each day.

‘Zarr were a major player in making this all happen and in-line with so many customers’ demands for a digital and ‘touch free’ experience, we were able to satisfy our principal client and will now be extending these opportunities to other customers in our market.’