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One our our existing clients, (who enable anyone to print their own book/paperback),got in touch recently about a new site to fill a gap in the market - and as a result, was born.

The site has a wide range of cover designs that can be customised online by the customer and saved as a high resolution file suitable to ebook websites such as Amazon, Createspace, Barnes & Noble etc.

There are literally hundreds of styles of designs suitable for any book genre from technology to thriller to horror to romance. There are also a wide range of fonts that you can choose from to make your book title really stand out - as well as shadow effects, colours etc.

The initial brief that Zarr was given was that the site needed to generate high-resolution images as the end product, whilst giving the customer a majorly cut down version of Photoshop to allow them to move text around, change size, colour, font style etc.

From this brief we developed a customised solution integrated with the Stripe payment gateway for payment, which allows people to see in realtime the modifications/changes they make to their cover (making extensive use of our own Javascript framework developed just for this project) and checkout/pay and download their cover which can be uploaded direct to ebook publishers.

Edward, owner of the site said "I'm really happy with the site - it looks and operates much better than I expected and is really easy to use.  Thanks to everyone at Zarr for another site (making three in total) that they've designed and developed for me."

If you have any requirements for a non-standard or customised solution please contact us.


Technologies used:, Javascript, Stripe payment gateway, customised CRM.