Web Development

Zarr’s programming team has developed a range of bespoke web-based software to help businesses streamline their processes.

CV Checker
A recruitment company has a number of web sites and they commissioned Zarr to develop a web-based system to allow their staff and franchisees to search over 60,000 CVs on a web-based system. Users can enter enter the criteria they are looking for, and the system returns matching results (sorted by relevance) in less than half a second. The company now has one centralised CV library, which is easily searchable with staff and franchisees able to work remotely and access CVs.

Home Survey Reports
Hawkins Carpenter Surveyors, in Nuneaton, commissioned Zarr to develop Reports for Home Buyers. This web-based system allows both home buyers and surveyors to instantly access surveys in a secure environment. Solicitors acting on behalf of house buyers can also access information when they have received a password from their clients. The aim of the system is to speed up the house buying process, as it saves so much more time than posting out information to them.

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