Website Design

If your website does nothing to work towards your business goals it is like a member of staff that sits with their feet up all day. In fact a poor website can have a detrimental impact on your business, as it is widely accessible and can be giving prospective clients the wrong message about your business.

When Zarr works with clients we have the following key considerations:

  • Working with you to structure the website with the end customer in mind. By making the site intuitive and easy to navigate, visitors will be able to find the information they need and will begin a relationship with you.
  • Developing websites that you can easily update yourself through content management – by regularly updating your website you are showing visitors that you are experts in your field and it enhances your search engine rankings.
  • Professional graphical design will help instill confidence in your visitors and make them more likely to buy something from your site 
  • Interactivity – the site is designed so that visitors begin to engage with you and start a relationship – whether this is completing an online enquiry form or subscribing to your email newsletter.
  • Websites designed by Zarr are developed with search engine optimisation in mind, in order to help your website be easily found.
  • Ensuring the site complies with the Disability Discrimination Act.

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