The Zarr Team

Zarr is an established company with an experienced team who have developed high quality web solutions for numerous companies around the UK and overseas including Switzerland and Australia.

Zarr provides itself in being a one-stop shop for all your internet requirements and our team's wide range of skills cover everything from graphic design to project management to programming to search engine marketing.

The main people within Zarr area, and the areas they are in charge of are:

Mark Reynolds
Managing Director

Mark manages Zarr on a day-to-day basis. Since first developing internet solutions in 1995, he worked for Peugeot developing warehouse systems and Credit Suisse on financial websites before setting up Zarr.

Mark defines the strategic direction for the company, and provides architectural input and ideas into new and existing products - ensuring that Zarr keep's its market edge as an innovative company. 


Tess Reynolds
Project Management

Tess is in charge of the project management team within Zarr, and her team represents your company within Zarr. She understands your organisation and requirements and ensures your web solution meets these requirements.

As part of Zarr's end-to-end service Tess's team provides excellent project management to the clients at all stages of the project life cycle.

Dave Jennings
Graphic Design

Dave manages the graphic design side of Zarr. He is a highly skilled and creative designer who has experience with the latest web, multimedia and graphic design technology. He has many years experience as a professional commercial web and graphic designer.
Paul Reynolds
Web Development

Paul leads the technical side of Zarr and oversees the development of bespoke and packaged ecommerce solutions that Zarr develop.

There are other team members working alongside each of the people above, allowing Zarr to provide a comprehensive set of internet services to our clients.