Configuring Microsoft Outlook Express and Outlook 97/2000

The instructions below are based on Microsoft Outlook 97. Other versions of Outlook (e.g. Outlook Express) may be slightly different.

1. Load Microsoft Outlook.
2. From the Tools menu, select the Accounts option.


3. Click on the Add button, and choose ‘Mail’.


4. Enter the name you’d like to display for this email address when other people read email from you. Tip: Enter your name if it’s a personal email address, or for example, “Advertising Department” if the email address was Then click on the Next button.


5. Enter your email address and click on the Next button.


6. In the Incoming mail server, and outgoing mail server enter “”. Then click on the Next button.


7. In the account name field, enter your email address, then in the password box, enter the password you have been given. Click on the Next button, and keep clicking this button until the ‘Finish’ button appear at the bottom of the window.


8. Select the mail account you just created and click on the Properties button.


9. In the Mail Account field, enter your email address. Then click on the Servers tab at the top of the window.


10. At the bottom of the window, put a tick in the box that says “My server requires authentication”. Then click on the OK button and then the close button to return to Outlook.


11. Microsoft Outlook is now setup to send and receive email using the email address that you have setup. It’s possible to add more email addresses so that you can send and receive email for 10, 20 or more email addresses. To do this, just repeat the above steps for the other email addresses.