Blog and Content Writing

Blogs are excellent way of communicating informally with your existing and potential customers.  Search engines also love the large blocks of text that make up blogs, and as a result its common to see blog posts getting well ranked on search engines - and quickly too!

Adding regular content to your site in the form of news, hints and tips, articles or blog posts is an excellent way of getting your website better ranked by search engines.

Blocks of text, and regular updates are a sure way to improve your site's ranking and drive more visitors to your site.

Whether its regular informal blog posts, or more authorative articles or hints and tips takes time and quite often, even the best intentions of writing content can tail-off to to very sporadic updates to sites.

Zarr can provide a content writing service for your website - even if its not a website that we originally developed for you.

From your brief, we can write regular updates for you.  Each piece of content is keyword rich, and written to make it search engine friendly and to get well ranked!

To find out more, contact us for a free quote on what we can do for your website.