Toolbay - designed by Zarr, Warwickshire
Date Launched: October 2008

Toolbay Ltd was established in 2003 and is based in Southam, Warwickshire just round the corner from their principle suppliers ‘The Tool Connection’ manufacturer of Laser, Kamasa and Gunson tools.

The initial brief was to create an ecommerce website that makes it easy for people to purchase all of the Laser, Kamasa and Gunson products online. Toolbay gets the products straight from each supplier, so the website needed to be linked to each of the suppliers databases and take a direct feed of all the products. This needed to be updated on a regular basis so that the products on the website remain up to date and inline with what their suppliers sell.

The result is that Toolbay is one of the top suppliers of Laser, Gunson and Kamasa products. They appear as the top search result for a large selection of the products that they sell, and have now built up a loyal customer base. Toolbay continue to expand their website and the products that they sell through it.

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