Sitting Firm

Sitting Firm - designed by Zarr, Warwickshire
Date Launched: June 2010

Sitting Firm are a high end furniture manufacturing company based in Warwickshire – the unique selling point is the ability to make furniture to customer’s exact requirements i.e. customers can send in their design, choose the wood type, and the finish (including stains or paint), chairs can be upholstered in different types of fabric as well.

Sitting Firm has a style that blends pure timelessness with confident modernity. Old fashioned service lives in harmony with innovative and progressive design.

Every piece they make is lovingly crafted, matched by their passion to more than satisfy the most discerning of personal tastes. This is furniture created to be experienced, not merely utilised.

With their website they wanted to be able to allow customers to view their product range but also communicate effectively the bespoke nature of their service. This lead to the idea of having two website, one to act as an online brochure for the company which concentrates on the communicating the skill of craftsmanship, the quality of the finished product and the bespoke design side of the business.

The online shop showcases the products manufactured by the company but still gives the visitor the option of being able to choose wood type and finish. Popular products sold through the shop include children’s chairs, rocking chairs and Windsor chairs. and 

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