Rio Health

Rio Health - designed by Zarr, Warwickshire
Date Launched: May 2009

Rio Health is the direct-mail division of Rio Trading Co (Health) Ltd. which was founded in 1986 and is based in Brighton on the Sussex coast. The company was founded by Graeme Lewis, Denise Sheldon and Ben Nash to enable them to share the many benefits of South American herbs, after experiencing the effects themselves whilst living in Brazil.

The intial brief was to develop an ecommerce website and three content managed information sites. The three content managed sites each needed a different design to represent a different range of products. The three content managed websites needed to point through to the ecommerce website and vice versa. The design for the Rio Health website needed to reflect the Amazon rainforest and the healthy natural products that Rio sell.

Rio Health also wanted a store finder facility built into the website. This would enable customers to find the store closest to them. They also wanted to sign people up to their E-newsletter that they send out monthly. All the details captured on the website are added to the Rio subscription list in the administration area and used to target their E-newsletter.

The website has allowed Rio to cash in on the health supplement market and build up a loyal set of customers who regularly purchase from the website. Also the integration of the email campaigns has allowed Rio to regularly keep their customers informed of their latest products.

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