PD Seating

PD Seating - designed by Zarr, Warwickshire
Date Launched: February 2011

PD Seating ensure that they offer each client innovative bespoke solutions for every work environment.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, PD Seating offer their customers a complete range of specialist industrial and office seating that are all fully ergonomic, health and safety compliant and built to last.

Zarr designed and developed a bespoke solution that allows PD seating to add new and edit existing products by customising the seat options for individual products that are added to the site. Although initially the website is purely a brochure site to showcase the seats that they sell, the intention is that further down the line the site will be integrated with full ecommerce functionality that will allow PD seating to sell all of their products through the website. Zarr have built the site with this in mind so that it will be as quick and easy as possible to add this functionality in at a later stage.

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