I Saw you too

I Saw you too - designed by Zarr, Warwickshire
Date Launched: May 2011

I saw you too was created to provide a very quick and easy way to help people re-connect with someone that they have seen or spoken to and would love to see again but have no way of contacting.

I saw you too asked Zarr to create an online message solution that allows people to text or email messages intended for people that they have seen or spoken to which will then appear on the website. Once a message has been left on the website people can choose to reply to it. In order to reply to a message people need to register first and then any correspondance that they have will be stored in their own profile area and only the person who left the message will be able to see any response. This then allows people to interact with one another until they are happy to divulge their personal details.

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