Hum Precision Engineering

Hum Precision Engineering - designed by Zarr, Warwickshire
Date Launched: July 2008

HUM Precision Engineering Ltd was founded in July 2001. Their Machining Facility is based in Coventry and comprises of an Engineering Workshop and Design Office. They provide various services relating to the Engineering Industry ranging from one off bespoke specialist tooling to high volume production runs.

The brief was to create a clean and sharp website that HUM could use to gain new customers and give people information as to what the company does. The website would be used as an aid during sales meetings and also to gain feedback from customers.

Imagery was going to be crucial in demonstrating the quality of the products that HUM produce. HUM asked if Zarr would be able to take these images for them in order to achieve a high quality finish. This was a service that Zarr was happy to help with. 

HUM Precision Engineering were extremly satisfied with website and the imagery has really helped HUM showcase the products and services that they offer.

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