Modelenium - designed by Zarr, Warwickshire
Date Launched: August 2006

Modelenium sells die cast models from a range of over 50 manufacturers. They have a retail outlet in Warwick but wanted their website to open up national and international markets.

The initial brief was to develop a website including a shopping cart facility so that visitors could shop on-line and make multiple purchases in one visit.

Working with Zarr the Modelenium team realised that a web based solution could automate a number of their manual processes and pull together their on and off-line business, in effect solving a number of their order, stock control and inventory problems.

Modelenium wanted to increase their margins on products and the web-based system would allow them to sell a wider range of products and reduce those products on which there is a low margin. This would allow Modelenium to focus on the more profitable lines. 

With Modelenium Zarr developed a fully automated on-line retail system, Zarr Retailer Gold. In the background is a central web-based database, created by Zarr to Modelenium’s specification. The database records all stock held, orders placed and advanced order requests. This allows stock levels to be accurately recorded, orders to be tracked, invoices to be produced and communication with customers – all from one system and single data entry.

The solution allows the company to track Internet, telephone and retail outlet sales and orders and controls everything from stock to order picking and invoicing.

The nature of the solution delivered by Zarr means that Modelenium has improved efficiency in the business as a whole. They receive 50 orders a day through the website and the site attracts over 1000 visitors a day.

Improvements in systems have meant better customer service and more repeat visits and purchases. Modelenium has quadrupled their customer base in the past twelve months.

A database of over 4000 subscribers has been built and a recent email newsletter resulted in a 150 orders within three days of the email being sent.

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