Email Hosting

There is no reason why any business or individual should be using, freeserve,,,, or any other ISP related email addresses.

Not only do these ISP linked email addresses make it extremely difficult to more your email elsewhere, but having looks much better than!

Having your own domain name, and email allows you to have an email address for life, rather than having to change it whenever you move broadband supplier.

Zarr can provide email hosting for you, allowing you to have email for your own domain name.  No-longer will you have a difficult to remember email address, but you can also check your email from any internet connection.

For a small monthly fee, we can initially setup your email for you, give you plain english instructions on how to setup Outlook to download your email and details of how to check your email from any internet connection using our Webmail facility.

To find out more, contact us and we can answer any questions you may have.