New addition to the Zarr Team

Friday August 5, 2011 at 10:49am
A new office administrator, Vicki Bosworth has started at zarr - and in her own words:

Hello!!!.....I have currently been working at Zarr since May as an Office Administrator.

I graduated from University at the beginning of the year with my Sociology Degree, but still felt I was unsure of what direction I wanted to head in career wise, and when I found this job with Zarr and they offered me the position, I couldn’t refuse - as having been an avid internet surfer for years, I was really intrigued about what goes into making a good website.

Already from working at Zarr for just a few months I’m enjoying learning from all the area’s that go into making a website - from the project management side of things to the development and the graphic design side. The Zarr team are constantly helping me become more involved with the different areas of the business and I’m really enjoying developing my own knowledge and skills further. I like to think of myself as hardworking and motivated and am simply really enjoying working for Zarr and with the team.

Away from work I enjoy keeping fit - anything from swimming to gym classes and until last year, I was a dedicated dancer in ballet and modern. I love bags, shoes, music, shopping– which girl doesn’t….however put a game of football on in front of me and I become one of the lads– Liverpool FC all the way. I’m apparently very bubbly in the mornings (you’re have to ask my colleagues as to whether that’s a good or bad thing). I change my hairstyles quicker than the season’s change and I’m a major neat freak…

I love cookies, vinegar, reading, fruit cider and I hate vegetables and spiders!!
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