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Monday March 21, 2011 at 4:37pm

Getting the right website design is crucial if you want your business to make an impact on users worldwide. I’ve been onto so many sites in my lifetime where they are either so intricately designed I end up leaving in a daze, or so simple and amateur looking I leave looking for websites that meet the grade!

So, if you’re not getting users to your site what can you do to improve this?

There are many aspects into creating a successful website; Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), content and performance, but what will differentiate your website will be the design of the website.

Ensuring the design of your website is up to scratch is an important factor for all businesses – if you feel this is a factor that’s lacking on your website, take a look below at some simple steps that could get it to the standard you want – 

  • Professional perspective - Approaching a website design company where you can involve the talents of a professional designer who has plenty of user experience will already greatly improve your site. Getting feedback and input from the designers will give you an insight into what your users are probably seeing and the areas where you’re going wrong. A good graphic and website designer will look beyond the aesthetics of the website and plan more importantly into the interactivity the user will face. 
  • Think of the user - It’s easy to slip into personal mode when designing a new website, but at times, you need to avoid personal tastes and consider what the user will be looking for from a website. At the end of the day they are the most important people you’ll need to impress and don’t forget that they will judge your website on first impressions - from user experience first impressions count, so if it doesn’t look good they won’t bother to continue! Think about how easy the user will find your website to use and if they’ll find it attractive – if you have both you’re more than likely to have returning customers, if not there is a high chance that you will lose that customer to another site. 
  • Think of your target audience - The design of the website for your target audience is very important – you don’t want to find your elderly targets struggling to read a news article or find out that your modern items aren’t selling because the younger generation targeted find the layout bland and boring. Think about what will excite and interest a specific genre, the ease of use and most importantly aspects to keep them coming back! 
  • Keep things simple – The one thing to remember with any website is that users enjoy simplicity – trust me, spending more than necessary trying to purchase an item will send users packing!! Users really don’t enjoy having to spend time working out how to use things! 
  • Consider Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – if you’re struggling to maintain a level of traffic on your website it may be due to the fact that your website is missing out on searches. By using SEO your website will benefit your website drastically improving where your website is indexed on a search engine if done right!! If you integrate specific keywords that relate to your website there is a greater chance that your website will appear on searches….therefore increasing traffic! 
  • Update your content regularly – Keep your regular customers happy by maintaining regular changes to your websites content. Users will want to see regular updates, new items, etc….so ensure they keep looking through your site by doing so!

What Zarr can do for you?

Zarr have designed over 350 websites that are unique but meet each of our client’s requests. So, no matter what website you have, Zarr will cater to you, providing professional design and technical expertise to meet the specific requirements that your company or organisation may have - from a simple brochure website to an ecommerce website.

All of Zarr’s websites come with a Content Management System that allows site owners to add new pages and update their website on a regular basis. This allows them to maintain their content directly and update it when necessary – this will impress your regular customers!

Zarr can also provide Hosting – if you’re interested in hosting your website with us please feel free to visit our website for all information on Domain Names, Website Hosting, Email Hosting and Spam Filtering or click here to contact us directly. 

Zarr also offer SEO training – so for those of you who are struggling to get your traffic numbers up why not see what we can offer you by visiting the Search Engine Marketing section on our website.

For any questions or queries regarding any of the above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by visiting our website today. All of our information can be found on the Contact Us page.

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