How times have changed....

Monday March 14, 2011 at 9:07am

I'm sure that time speeds up as you get older, but have you ever look back and think how times have changed - even in the last 15 years?

The Internet has changed the world quite dramatically in the last few years - possibly quicker than at any other time during human evolution?

Do you sit and wonder what ever happened to the days where you’d send a letter in the post instead of emailing?   What about picking up the phone and speaking to someone instead of texting them?  Or even taking a walk to meet a friend instead of chatting on Facebook?

I’m sure, like me, you can see how technology and socialising has developed over recent years.  With technology continuing to develop at an unstoppable rate and with so much technology already around us, our lives these days are practically ruled by it – so can we blame kids…and adults…for wanting the latest phone, ipad or laptop?!

When I was young I remember never being interested in technology, I just wanted to be a kid, play with my friends and come home with cuts and grazes, but these days I don’t think I can imagine myself without my mobile, the internet, my car or anything technological for that matter.
These days however, technology does play a big part in all lives and now we use technology for almost all aspects of our day in comparison to 20 years ago.

So much has changed in the last 15-20 years since the Internet has become mainstream.  Have in the mid 1990s, only a small number of people could access the internet due to the technical requirements and also proportionaly high costs - it was also extremely slow compared to today's broadband speeds.

So what has changed? 

Remember the days when we used to have to wait for a monthly bank statement to come through the post to see how much money we did or didnt have? Today we can check our statements, make transfers, pay bills all online or even using our mobile phones.

We used to get into our car and drive to the shops to get our food shopping, buy goods we were after, but now we can download music in seconds, get our shopping delivered and compare prices and buy goods through the internet - all without leaving our beds!

I remember buying and using a map for visiting new areas but with satellite technology today we are able to use Satnav’s to give us precise directions from a touch of a button.   Google Maps takes this another step forward and with its streetview technology you can walk down the street anywhere in the UK and look at the buildings with photo quality pictures - almost identical to being there without having to leave bed potentially.

We also used to buy newspapers to find out what is happening throughout the world, but now we can receive live updates over the internet and television instantly and infact one could potentially argue that newspapers have passed their usefulness as their "news" is actually yesterday's news.  Back in the early 1990's during the first Gulf War, the world had very delayed updates on what was happening - often delays of hours.  Today we get to know about things literally within minutes of them happening anywhere in the world - be it earth quakes, countries being toppled or even that there is to be a Royal Wedding.

I could go on but in all honesty the list is endless!! The question is, if technology has developed this much in such a short period of time, what will it be like in another 20 years to come?!

We are living in a wired world that continues to evolve at a frightening pace.  At Zarr, we have been around since the early days of the internet and have a wealth of knowledge to call on plus we keep an eye on the future so if you have an idea for an internet venture to change the world or even want advice on your existing website then please get in touch.


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