New developer joins Zarr

Monday December 6, 2010 at 4:49pm

A new developer, Ruth Rogerson has started at Zarr - and in her own words:

Hello! I started at Zarr in November as a .Net developer. I have worked in IT for 10 years, using internet technologies but generally for intranet and extranets websites for companies - i.e. nothing public facing.  My new role with Zarr is my first job role developing public facing websites for Zarr's clients but I'm sure that my background will allow me to bring a lot of experience to the team.

My academic background isn't one of a traditional programmer/developer - I have a degree in medicinal chemistry, which I studied at in London.   I worked in London after my degree and then moved to Manchester for 2 years, to New Zealand for 9 months and then settled in the cosmopolitan town of Rugby!

I thoroughly enjoy programming but also like clothes, shoes, handbags, oh and I’m female, which I think is slightly unusual for a developer!

I have two children who are currently 4 and 6 years old, so that gives me a great excuse to do lots of fun things. We also have a dog that is like Peter Pan and doesn't seem to be getting old.

I like going to the gym and shopping. I in particular love running, taking the dog with me when possible. I hate brussel sprouts, spiders and cleaning.

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