How you can help your website with the run up to Christmas

Friday October 15, 2010 at 12:34pm

Everybody knows that Christmas and the New Year are by far the busiest time of the year, and with only a couple of months left it’s time for online retailers to start panicking about their key selling features.

Online shopping is fast becoming the new way to shop for all Christmas gifts as it provides customers with a quick and hassle free way of getting everything they need from the comfort of their home. Not only this, but customers are able to browse and compare prices of the goods they require between stores without taking a step, giving them a great opportunity to save some cash.

So how can your company get into the festive spirit this year and gain influence from online shopping? Below are 10 ways in which to improve your revenue during the Christmas period.

  1. Keep your site looking fresh!
    Static websites do not perform as well at Christmas, so ensure you regularly update content and presentation in order to entice customers to spend more. One way of improving your site would be to give it festive vibe and clearly display the items most likely to sell at Christmas on the most popular pages; this will give customers more incentive to buy their Christmas goods. 
  2. Come up with festive offers.
    During the run up to Christmas customers simply cannot refuse offers on their favourite goods so ensure that product offers, discounts and promotions are prominently displayed and have been personalised to match your customer’s individual needs. By reforming to this personalisation technique, everything that your customer wants to buy is easily accessible to them. 
  3. Test as you go
    Live testing is something you must do to in order to gain high conversion rates. Even the most subtle of changes such as the font size, colour and language can reform your website and the attention it receives from customers….so keep testing different variations to find the perfect solution! 
  4. Free delivery options
    Customers are always looking for ways in which to save those extra pennies so one way to tempt them to spend and save is to introduce a free delivery service. Free delivery has been proven an effective tactic by online retailers and could give you the upper hand on competitors. You could also use tactics such as - “Free Delivery when you spend £35 or more online” or another option would be to offer a promotional code for a limited time only, for example, “FREEDEL10”. 
  5. Make it easy to buy!
    Customers want nothing more than to be able to have a quick and easy process when purchasing their goods. A hefty and lengthy process will more often than not deter customers away. If your registration process seems extensive, make life easier by thoroughly testing and improving your forms. 
  6. Ensure you’re not overpriced!
    With the ease of comparing prices these days you need to ensure that your prices aren’t overpriced in comparison with other competitors. So get researching!! 
  7. Widen the advertising of your website.
    There is a great deal you can do to advertise your website to the fullest. Below are some examples which you may choose to use in order to gain greater revenue from customers: 

    •   Google Base – This is a place where you can easily submit all types of online and offline content, which will be made searchable on Google. You can describe any item you post with attributes, which will help people find it when they do related searches. This form of advertising is free and allows you to publicly advertise your goods on Google, allowing a greater chance of your website being found.
    •   Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – This is designed to make your website content more search engine friendly in order to make it rank higher. This will research your keywords and optimise your site based on the most searched keywords in your industry in order to drive relevant traffic to your site via the major search engines and directories.
    •   Social Networking Sites – Businesses are using sites such as Facebook and Twitter in order to reach a wider audience and best of all this form of advertising is free. To get an insight into how these sites can help your business check out our blog that was written in August 2010. 
  8. Make navigation easy
    If shoppers are bounced around a website in such a way that leaves them dizzy and confused then there is more of a chance that they will leave with their basket still empty. Your top priority is to get the navigation basics right. For example, include a search facility, have sub categories in your left hand menu, make the check-out page prominent, and make it easy for customers to jump between pages. 
  9. Get ready for the January Sales
    After all the hustle and bustle from Christmas retailers prepare themselves for the intensity of the January Sales. Majority of retailers now spend as much money on New Year as they do for Christmas and with majority of customers anticipating the January Sales, who could blame them for splashing out a little more on the upcoming event! Make sure you are able to hit the ground running in January with fresh content and product offers in order to stand out from the crowd. Remember to use live testing and promote the right advertisement to help determine which offers have the most positive impact on your sales.
  10. Keep the customers happy
    Use incentives to seduce customers to return to your site. A way in which many sites aid the return of customers is by introducing a newsletter with special promotions or upcoming events. This will definitely keep the customer satisfied!
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