How can you keep your website updated wherever you may be?

Monday September 13, 2010 at 9:00am

Internet access is unquestionably something you can get wherever you are, be it that you are sitting on a train, by the side of a pool, in a café……the list is endless.

How beneficial is this for your website?

The downfall of many websites is down to the fact that their content and information has become out of date. This defers people’s attention away from the site that they are looking at. Having internet access practically in every place you are is an easy, yet effective way to allow you to use your Content Management System to update your website when you are quite literally on the go and away from the office.

Zarr, for example provide their clients with a Content Management System which they developed themselves. This gives their clients direct access to their website allowing them to immediately make any changes to details, adding new lines, etc. This is highly advantageous for the clients as there would be no delays with updates, and also for the developers as time would be saved for them in order to concentrate on more important aspects of that website. Another advantage of the Content Management System for the client is that the developers would not be involved in changing the updates, therefore being a lot more cost effective for the client in the long run. This is an essential tool for many business owners. Good use of a Content Management System brings clear business benefits by improving a website’s effectiveness.

What is a Web Content Management System?

A Web Content Management System is a software system which provides website authoring and administration tools designed to allow users to create and manage the site's content with relative ease. Most systems use a database to store content, metadata, or artifacts that might be needed by the system. Unlike Web-site builders, a Web Content Management System allows non-technical users to make changes to a website with little training. A Web Content Management System typically requires an experienced coder to set up and add features, but is primarily a Web-site maintenance tool for non-technical administrators.

How could I use a Content Management System on my Website?

The ability to manage the content on your website gives you the freedom to publish a variety of information. Below are typical uses for a Content Management System:

  • News and announcements
  • Articles, blogs and newsletters 
  • Product details 
  • Special offers 
  • Job vacancies and personnel profiles 
  • Etc…

How can a Content Management System benefit me?

Below is a list that may indicate that you would benefit the use of a Content Management System

  • If you are regularly asking your web developer to add images or text to your website. 
  • If you often find the cost a little high by asking your developer to the work it may be beneficial for you to take charge of certain aspects of work that you could easily do. 
  • If your website is not receiving regular updates.

The list above gives you an idea into how having a Content Management System may be highly advantageous for you and your website.

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