Importance of getting your Website live before Christmas

Monday August 2, 2010 at 10:35am

With Christmas fast approaching and with families already saving for those all important gifts, isn’t it time you followed into internet retail?

There are still numerous companies and merchants who do not use ecommerce software for their online sales, although they do sell products and services through their website. However, with the internet fast becoming the way in which customers purchase their gifts, these companies are fast reforming to internet retail.

With Christmas promotions starting ahead of December, advertising your products and company prior to the Christmas season is essential in order to gain capital. Customers are willing to spend more money in the last two months of the year than in any other period and will always be searching for the best possible deal. With the ease and convenience of purchasing products online, the majority of customers now turn to the internet to purchase all their requirements instead of heading into the hustle and bustle of town.

Last year internet usage increased drastically during the Christmas period. According to IMRG, the online retail industry body, there was a 34% increase in online clothing shopping. With internet retail taking force, large companies such as Tesco have launched their clothing line online, along with other large companies.

Last month there was a 22% rise in internet retail in comparison to last year, the highest monthly growth registered by the index in two years with shopping totalling a £4.4 billion growth across all sectors.

Creating/Improving your Website before Christmas.

During the festive season ensuring your website is customer ready is very important.

In order to benefit from internet retail there are aspects which should be taken in order to fully take advantage over the Christmas period. Some of which include :-

  • Getting your site indexed - Firstly, making sure your website is properly indexed. Optimising your website with appropriate keywords which are highly related to your company will ensure that your website will appear when customers search for products relating to your business. 
  • Writing the content - Ensuring that the content writing is clear and informative, giving customers an insight into your business and its products. You always want your customers to feel at ease when using your website, not confused!
  • Ensuring you have a sufficient range of products - Having the right products to sell and the right amount of products is highly important in order to keep customers satisfied. 
  • Experiment with sponsored links in advance - Experiment in advance, this will allow you to acquire some ideas into how your website should be designed, formatted, laid out, etc. 
  • Ensure that you make it easy for customers to contact you/ask questions regarding your products or website.
  • Christmas themed website templates attract customers and are a simple, yet effective way to increase online sales. According to Ezine Articles, in the last few years online sales have raised rapidly all around the world. It has been especially the case for online Christmas shopping.
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