How the iPad will affect Website designers?

Friday July 2, 2010 at 4:14pm

With technology rapidly changing, there is no surprise that a computer now fits in the palm of your hands. The iPad being slimline, no bigger than a book and an easy way to access the Internet is unquestionably a must have accessory in 2010, but how accessible and practical is the iPad for a Website Designer?

The basic principle of design will always uphold however, with the iPad being touch screen seems to prove problematic with Website Designers when they have always been accustomed to working with a mouse. One aspect in which designers have questioned are the methods and techniques in which they would need to adopt in order to provide an accessible website for their clients and for prospective viewers. The iPad also does not support Flash, therefore a lot of designers will have to think hard about their target audience before alienating them with designs that will not accommodate their computers.

The iPad has the ability to view websites either in landscape or portrait mode. However, websites look and react differently when using the iPad. This, for designers, means that they would need to produce two completely different layouts in order to accommodate the iPad’s versatile fluidity. Majority of websites are designed and created in order to be viewed in landscape, so when the website is rotated to portrait, aspects of that site will become inaccessible to users, mainly being too small to access the links.

Designers use their fingers to access or edit details of Websites, this is when errors are likely to occur as fingers are a lot larger than the usual mouse cursor. Website design is largely based on usability and with the iPad that is yet to be greatly achieved. Seeing firsthand how inaccessible links can be has shown how much needs to be achieved from the iPad.

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