Dont loose your domain name like Ryanair did

Tuesday October 20, 2009 at 4:46pm

Imagine if your domain name suddenly stopped working - your website would be inaccessible and customers would not be able to buy from you and no emails would reach you.  It could cost you thousands of pounds in lost revenue and inconvenience very quickly.

Ryanair domain name suspendedThis happened to Ryanair this afternoon.  Nominet who oversee all .UK domain names suspended the domain name as they hadn't paid their renewal fee (see screen shot to right).

If you typed in to a browser you got an general "website not found" error screen.  If you sent an email, it bounced back immediately.  Ryanair also "encourage" passengers flying to check-in online before they fly rather than pay to check-in at the airport.  If the thousands of people flying with them this afternoon tried to check-in they wouldn't have been able to - very frustrating I would expect.

So why did Ryanair not renew their domain name when it expired on 11th August 2009?  Probably an oversight, and for the few pounds a year it cost to reserve/renew a domain name, I'm sure the loss in revenue was many thousands of pounds more than that.  Plus the embarassment - although they do love PR!

Nominet give domain owners a few months after a domain expires and tries to chase them to remind them of payment.  If they don't want to renew, then thats fine, but rather than loosing a domain name completely, the domain stays active for a few months before being suspended - and then a few weeks afterwards it gets released back into the public domain for someone else to reserve - on a first come first served basis.

For all the domain names that Zarr oversee for our customers, we ensure that domain names do not expire so that things like the above do not happen.

We ensure that domain names that are wanted are set to auto-renew - something that Ryanair IT staff could have done in 30 seconds.

Zarr provide more than just web design.  We have an extensive background in developing and supporting websites and help our customers keep their online businesses running 24x7.  Ryanair, if you want a more reliable company to look after your domain names to avoid embarassments like today, give us a call on +44 1788 820900!

[Updated 22:05] I notice that someone has got their credit card out and paid for the domain name to be renewed so passengers can now get to the website again!

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