Top 10 reasons why all businesses need a website

Tuesday September 1, 2009 at 3:02pm

A large proportion of small businesses still do not have their own website.  The two main reasons for business owners not being "on the internet" are their that believe it to be costly, and secondly that they won't have the necessary skills to create or maintain a website. 

A professional web design company such as Zarr can develop a customised website for your business for a lot less than you would imagine - whilst giving you the facility to update the website yourself using an editor similar to Microsoft Word. You don't need any technical skills!

There are other compelling reasons to get a website for your business and ten of the top reasons are below.

1 - A website is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – Your website markets your business without any labour costs. Even while you’re sleeping!

2 – You can accurately track the people who are using your website – You can see how many people are visiting the site, how long they spend on each page and which pages are most popular. How much do you know about the readers of the last set of leaflets or printed marketing you did?

3 – Internet marketing is more cost effective than traditional marketing methods – making flyers, newspaper advertisements and especially television spots are all very expensive. Marketing on the internet can not only be done on a budget but is also very effective.

4 – Having a website gives your business more credibility – and can make you appear bigger or more professional than the team or offices you have.  For a lot of people may actually be put-off if they cannot find a website for your business.

5 – Potential customers can find you – The internet allows customers to find you simply by doing a search. Having a website allows customers to search for the product or service you offer and for them to be taken to your website.

6 – A website address is easier to remember than a telephone number or postal address.

7 – A website increases the geographic range of your business – The internet potentially opens your business up to the whole world - and way beyond the people in your immediate geographic area.

8 – You can let the website help handle your customer services – You may get the same questions being asked of you time and time again - so why not have an area on your website to deal with these type of questions and provide better customer service, reduce costs and potentially have more time to invest in other areas of the business.

9 – A website is more convenient for your customer – A website doesn’t put any pressure on your customer and allows them to view it at their own leisure. They can also view your website from wherever they want and whenever they want.

10 – It is cheap and easy to change company information and marketing material on your website – unlike printed leaflets or brochures, a website can be easily amended to reflect cheaper prices, more product ranges etc.  Brochures and leaflets would need to be re-printed but a website doesn't have those constraints.

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